Teaching Assistant Management

Recruitment and automated scheduling


This platform encapsulates the process of recruiting and registering potential teaching assistants, collecting their availability and preferences for certain courses and per-quarter schedule generation based on these factors.


As a student you can sign up to become a teaching assistant and indicate your availability and willingness to assist courses. When your eligibility is approved you can be selected to assist a course. For each course a selection of students is generated, taking into account a course managers preferences' and students' availability as well as other factors.

Course Managers

As a teacher you can register your course and indicate the need for teaching assistants. An overview of interested students is accessible. Time slots and demand for activities like lab sessions can be provided if needed. Preferences for specific students can be stated before scheduling. After a schedule is generated you can manually reassign assistants if needed.

Become a Teaching Assistant
Single Sign-On

Why would you become a TA?

  1. You meet other excellent Computer Science students from other years and specialties.
  2. Working as a TA shows future employers that:
    1. you have an ever better understanding of the material, allowing you to explain material to others.
    2. you are comfortable communicating with people (in contrast to the stereotype often associated with Computer Scientists).
  3. You get the opportunity to network with teachers from TU Delft, helping you find future projects e.g., BEP, Master Thesis, PhD positions.
  4. You have a flexible work schedule that you can adapt to fit with your own study program.
  5. You receive an hourly financial compensation for your work (see flexdelft.nl for more information).
  6. And last but not least, if you are an bachelor honours student you can participate in a new program to receive 2 EC, on top of the already mentioned salary.